The 10 Most Expensive Luxury Penthouses

By on January 12, 2015

#1: Sky Penthouse, Tour Odéon, Monaco – $387 million

Finally, we bring to you the most expensive penthouse – and one of the five most expensive properties in general – in the entire world.

The Sky Penthouse at Tour Odéon in Monaco is…well…utterly ridiculous in its scope and luxury.

Which is probably what you’d hope for if you drop nearly FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS on your home. The Tour Odéon was just recently completed, and the nicest penthouse in the world is still on the market.

Comprising the top five stories of one of Europe’s tallest coastal buildings, and taking up an absolutely ludicrous 35,500 square feet, the Sky Penthouse is an absolute marvel, carrying a price tag that only multi-billionaires could consider entertaining.

Naturally, the penthouse has every amenity one could possibly desire – a movie theater, a gym, a dance ballroom, a spa; you name it – but the coolest feature of all is on the outside of the building, as the penthouse has its own private infinity pool, complete with a private waterslide.

If this isn’t the most incredible residence in the world, I don’t know what is.



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