10 Insanely Expensive Articles of Clothing

By on January 16, 2015

We all have a friend or two who spends entirely too much money on clothing. While some of us shop at discount stores and value comfort and value over flash, there are many people who like to buy expensive clothing for status.

No matter how crazy of shoppers your friends might be, chances are they come nowhere close to spending enough money to purchase anything on the following list…except maybe a pair of socks that costs more than their rent payment.

These clothing items are so exorbitantly expensive that only a fool would consider buying them. Luckily for all the luxury clothing manufacturers in the world, there are a lot of fools out there.

Here are ten of the most expensive clothing items ever produced.

#10: Most Expensive Bikini ($30 million)

Ok, so the first entry on this list can barely even be counted as clothing, but we’re going to roll with it because this is something that is designed to be worn after all…even if it doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

This diamond bikini, which was worn by supermodel Molly Sims in Sports Illustrated’s 2006 Swimsuit Issue, was designed by famed womenswear guru Susan Rosen and is worth an absolutely ludicrous $30 million.

This two-piece bikini (which could easily be considered lingerie…or pasties) features 150 carats of diamonds, set in platinum. Amongst the many diamonds are a 51 carat pear-shaped diamond, a 30 carat emerald cut diamond, a pair of 15 carat round cut diamonds, and a pair of eight carat pear-shaped diamonds. All of the precious stones are set in platinum.

It’s quite the price tag for an item that probably isn’t befitting of your local public pool.

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