The 10 Most Expensive Beds Money Can Buy

By on January 16, 2015

#5: Quantum Sleeper ($135,000)

If you’re an incredibly paranoid, crazy person, the Quantum Sleeper is everything you’ve ever hoped for in a bed.

Everyone in the world is out to hurt you and murder you. The terrorists are going to win. Aliens are invading. Zombies are running wild.

And you are JUST FINE, because you invested in a $135,000 bed that essentially doubles as an apocalypse shelter.

Photos of this bed are very hard to find, probably because nobody has ever been insane enough to purchase one. But if you’d like to be the first, you might as well know what you’re getting.

The Quantum Sleeper has a lock down feature, a bulletproof shell, a ventilation system, motion sensors, and even a freaking toilet, so you can wait out the end of the world without having to go outside to pee.

I’m still not sure if this one is a joke.


#4: Parnian Furniture Bed ($210,000)

Parnian Furniture Bed

via Ealuxe

This gorgeous wooden bed is been hand-carved by carpenter Abdolhay Parnian, an undertaking which took nearly a year to complete.

In addition to the beautiful wooden finishes, the bed is accented throughout with stainless steel and 24-carat gold highlights.

In addition to the natural beauty of this bed, it has several nifty extras such as a built-in, swivel TV, iPad holders, and several secret compartments for extra storage.

The price of the Parnian Furniture Bed is so high because of its exclusivity – it is quite literally a one-of-a-kind bed.

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