The 10 Most Expensive Beds Money Can Buy

By on January 16, 2015

#1: Baldacchino Supreme Bed ($6.3 million)

Have you read our most expensive clothing items article? If you have, you might recall a ridiculously expensive suit designed by a dude named Stuart Hughes. Well, Mr. Hughes dabbles in designing obscenely expensive beds, too, and takes the number one spot on this list with the Baldacchino Supreme Bed, which costs only $6.3 million.

So how do you build a bed that necessitates a $6.3 million price tag? Well, it kinda puts the #3 most expensive bed, the Jado Steel Style Gold Bed, to shame in terms of GOLD ON GOLD ON GOLD.

The interior of the Baldacchino Supreme Bed bed is made out of 24-carat pure gold, adding up to over 200 lbs of one of the most valuable materials on earth. Not bad.

The frame of the bed is made out of exquisite woods, and features an Italian-style canopy, allowing you a little bit of privacy while you get a little shut-eye in your solid-gold piece of art.

Unlike many things that cost millions of dollars, the Baldacchino Supreme Bed might not be too much of a liability or target for crime – most would-be burglars would probably not be able to remove 200 lbs of gold from your room.

via Ealuxe

via Ealuxe

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