10 Most Expensive Sports Cards Ever Sold

By on January 26, 2015

Collectibles can be some of the most valuable items on earth, as those who collect for a hobby or a living are willing to pay large sums of money for that special missing piece that their collections lack.

Despite the fact that many young boys in America have sports card collections, some of these cards are worth untold sums of money, so it’s not a bad hobby for your son to pick up.

Here are 10 sports cards that started off being worth nothing – they came with loaves of bread and gum, to name a few things – but are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars…or more.

Behold the 10 most expensive sports card collectibles to ever exist.

#10: Bowman 1948 George Mikan Rookie Card ($218,500)

George Mikan might not be a household name to the average sports fan, but his contributions to the game of basketball cannot be understated.

Mikan, aptly named “Mr. Basketball” played in NBA precursors the NBL and BAA before the two leagues merged to form the NBA in 1949. During this time, Mikan blossomed into the league’s first legitimate star player.


Mikan led the NBA in scoring in its first official season, leading the then-Minneapolis Lakers to the first NBA Championship. Mikan would go on to help the Lakers win 4 of the first 6 NBA titles.

Mikan was the first basketball “star” in the history of the sport, and his incredibly rare rookie card from 1948 fetched 218, 500¬†dollars at an auction in 2009.

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