10 Nicest Celebrity Homes

By on January 16, 2015

#7: Avicii’s Hollywood Hover-home

At the young age of 25, Swedish DJ Avicii has already accrued an enormous amount of wealth through his many chart-topping electronic songs. Needless to say, if you’re an artist or entertainer, Los Angeles is probably where you want to spend most of your time.

So Avicii (real name: Tim Bergling) did just that, and he did it in style, moving into a a gorgeous, neomodernist villa in the Hollywood Hills.

Avicii dropped $15.5 million on this beautiful home, which is designed to look like it’s floating in the air – with copious amounts of glass.

Even cooler might be the villa’s water feature, which runs the length of the house, and ends in a multi-level infinity pool.

The home was designed to incorporate indoor and outdoor living, and many of the house’s rooms have retractable glass walls that can open to the outside.


#6: Rihanna’s Breathtaking Barbados Home

As a native of Barbados, Rihanna wanted a part-time home to be closer to family and to get away from the busy LA-lifestyle.

So, of course, she bought a $22 million beachside mansion in her home country, and blew all of our collective minds with this stunning property. I mean, just look at this incredible home and be envious for a second.

Measuring 10,000 square feet, Rihanna’s mansion has a private gym, elevators, and multiple balconies overlooking the sea.

And, oh yeah, her home also has its own 24-hour concierge and room service. Not bad.

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