The 10 Nicest Yachts of All Time

By on January 15, 2015

One of the more famous playthings of the mega-rich are the mansions of the sea – that is, yachts.

Every respectable billionaire needs to have a luxurious boat to keep up with the Joneses these days.

Yachts are generally not intended to be affordable commodities, but while the most affluent family in your town might have a million-dollar yacht that is the envy of your neighbors, most yachts in the world don’t hold a candle to the floating castles on this list.

These 10 yachts are all amongst the most expensive and largest private vessels ever built.

Sit back and think about how fun it would be to be a billionaire.

#10: The Rising Sun – $200 Million

This luxury yacht was originally designed for billionaire Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who eventually sold it to another run-of-the-mill multi-billionaire, record executive David Geffen (of Geffen Records, if that wasn’t a given).

Often referred to as a “floating mansion,” the Rising Sun is 453 feet long, and features an interior living area of 86,000 square feet, which is probably just a little bit larger than your house…or the houses of everyone in your entire neighborhood, combined.

The Rising Sun has 82 rooms spanning five levels, an outdoor basketball court (which doubles as a helipad), a gymnasium, a spa, a sauna, a wine cellar, a large movie theater with a plasma screen, and 36,000 square feet of deck space.

Why would you ever want to go back to the mainland?


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