5 Most Expensive Private Jets

By on February 3, 2015

For many billionaires, frequent air travel is a necessity for purposes of both business and pleasure.

Many of these men and women have made their fortunes conducting international business, so leaving their homelands to secure deals overseas is a common occurrence.

Naturally, if you’re worth billions of dollars, going to the airport and dealing with the lines, waiting, and crowded flights is going to get old in a hurry.

This is why so many billionaires have turned to private jets, which allow them to travel around the world much more quickly and efficiently.

Of course, billionaires rarely do anything to the minimum standards, and these 5 private jets are incredibly luxurious…and incredibly expensive.

#5: Bombardier Global 7000 – $72.4 million

The Bombardier Global 7000 is a luxurious private jet that only the richest businessmen and women can afford.

This plane can only accommodate ten passengers, but it does so in exclusive style.

With a 7,000 mile range on one tank of fuel, the passengers in a Bombardier Global 7000 will be able to travel long distances in a way that makes first class look lame.

The jet features four living spaces (think miniature bedrooms), a 6-person dinner table, and bathrooms that make joining the Mile-High Club a little easier than on your standard United Airlines flight by just a little bit.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news if you were planning on buying a Bombardier Global 7000 today – the planes are currently sold out, and since they take a while to be crafted, it’ll probably be a few years before you can add one to your private jet collection.


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