5 Most Expensive Treehouses

By on February 3, 2015

Treehouses are generally thought of as whimsical, shoddy, DIY playhouses for young children.

When most of us think about treehouses, we picture a father and son creating a makeshift building in the backyard out of materials you can buy at Home Depot.

However, luxury treehouses are an ever-increasing trend, as evidenced by shows such as Discovery Channel’s Treehouse Masters.

And as the popularity of the treehouse escalates, so do the prices for the nicest, coolest treehouses that money can buy.

Here are the five most expensive treehouses to date. These awesome buildings are guaranteed to bring out your inner child.

#5: Treehouse and Cable Bridge – $250,000

This treehouse, located in McLean, Virginia looks like something straight out of Robinson Crusoe, and would have improved all of our childhoods if we had been able to play in our own.

Inspired by Indiana Jones movies, this treehouse is an add-on to an existing, private residence, and is connected via the cable rope bridge, so that you can feel just like Harrison Ford making his way through the Temple of Doom.

But once you traverse across the bridge, you’ll quickly realize that doom is not part of the atmosphere at all.

You enter the treehouse, through the 16×16 ft, octagonal room, which can serve as an entertaining space or an office.

While not many pictures of the interior of this treehouse exist, since it is a private residence, we’ve gathered details about the inner workings of this treehouse, which is equipped with a fireplace, wifi, and a sound system. Not bad.

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