5 Most Valuable Sports Teams

By on May 18, 2015

Sports are a multi multi multi-billion dollar industry in the world today. In pretty much every country on earth, sports superstars make more money than most world leaders, and the teams they play for are even more affluent. While the most lucrative sports vary by country, the fact remains that teams across a wide variety of different sports can pull in boatloads of money every season, making their owners some of the world’s richest men.

In America, football, basketball, and baseball are the big-money sports, while hockey also brings in a solid amount. Abroad, soccer is king, as it is the premier sport in pretty much every other country. In first world countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, sports are particularly lucrative, with the most-renowned teams making billions upon billions of dollars.

While pretty much every elite professional sports team in the world pulls in a solid amount of revenue, the five teams here are historic, ripe with tradition, and absolutely flush with cash in a manner that other teams can only envy.

Here are the five most valuable professional sports teams in the world today.

#5: Real Madrid – $1.45 Billion

The most historic and best soccer team in all of Spain, Real Madrid is one of the most elite sports teams in the world, and one of the most expensive.

The club’s value as of this year was calculated at nearly one and a half billion dollars, and some estimates think the team could sell for even more. Real Madrid is currently home to arguably the best soccer player alive in Cristiano Ronaldo, and last year, Real Madrid set the record for the most expensive starting lineup in any sport ever, with its players earning a collective salary of an absolutely insane $570 million.

Real Madrid lives up to their financial figures on the field, as they are consistently ranked as one of the best soccer clubs on the planet. After all, you’d better be getting results when fans and sponsors are supporting you to the tune of $1.45 billion!

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