5 Most Valuable Sports Teams

By on May 18, 2015

#4: Washington Redskins – $1.55 Billion

The Washington Redskins may not have won a Super Bowl since 1991, may be embroiled in controversy over their (arguably) offensive team name, and may have a man who is viewed as one of the worst owners in sports (Daniel Snyder) at the helm, but none of these factors stop the football team from Washington, D.C. from having a value of over one and a half billion dollars.

The Redskins are, no doubt, a very historic franchise, as the team has been around since 1932 (1937 as the Washington Redskins; previously they were the Boston Braves and Boston Redskins), and has won five championships over their long time as a football team. The Redskins have been pretty mediocre in recent memory, but the factor of the team’s history, combined with the location in our nation’s capital, makes the Redskins a very valuable commodity.

Despite less-than-stellar play on the field in recent years, the Redskins sell out every one of their games and have broken many attendance records recently in the process. Hopefully the team will soon give its fans some iota of a return on their investment.


#3: New York Yankees – $1.7 Billion

The New York Yankees may not be the juggernaut that they were back in the late twentieth century when they seemingly won the World Series every year, but the Yanks are still one of the (if not THE) most iconic teams in the world, regardless of sport.

The Yankees have only won one title in the last decade and a half; however, that has done little to diminish the teams everlasting popularity and prestige. Known for spending big and earning big, the Bronx Bombers are valued at $1.7 billion,

While the Yankees are a very love/hate team – pretty much everyone who isn’t a hardcore Yankees fan despises the team for “buying” championships – they will not cease to be one of the most valuable teams in the world anytime soon.

However, whether they can get their championship pedigree back on track is an entirely different matter.

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