5 Most Valuable Sports Teams

By on May 18, 2015

#2: Dallas Cowboys – $1.81 Billion

When you think American sports, the name that comes to mind other than the New York Yankees is the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. After all, the Cowboys are commonly referred to as “America’s Team,” and the squad’s star logo is an iconic symbol in its own right.

Known for an eccentric billionaire owner in Jerry Jones, plenty of star players and media darlings over the years (Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, and currently, Tony Romo, to name a few), and plenty of past success, the Cowboys are arguably the most iconic NFL team of all time, which is really saying something for the most popular sports league in America.

Like the Yankees and Redskins, the Cowboys have not been successful lately, as their last championship came in 1995 and the team has struggled mightily to win playoff games at all since that year. However, the Cowboys popularity in the United States and abroad continues to stay extremely high, making the boys from Dallas the second most valuable squad in the world.


#1: Manchester United – $1.86 Billion

Manchester United, the most popular and most historically successful soccer team in England, is the most expensive sports team in the entire world, with an estimated value of nearly two billion dollars. Owned by billionaire Malcolm Glazer, Manchester United boasts an impressive tradition and finances that are just as impressive.

Existing for 137 years, Manchester United is steeped in tradition, and they have played their games with the current moniker and location for 113 years. The club has featured a who’s who of superstar athletes over the years, such as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney in recent years. The team has won a remarkable 20 Championships in the English Premier League (including championships in its previous iteration as the First Division).

With a rich history of winning and plenty of history to go with it, Manchester United is the most valuable sports team in the entire world.

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