5 Hottest Female Billionaires and Heiresses

By on March 10, 2015

#2: Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina’s father is Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and the world’s 14th-richest man in 2015, with an estimated net worth of $35.5 billion. But much like Dylan Lauren, Georgina Bloomberg doesn’t just sit back and get by on her father’s money.

On the contrary, Georgina Bloomberg is a professional equestrian and author. Bloomberg has been competing internationally in horse shows for years, eschewing her family’s political and business leanings to pursue what she loves. Bloomberg has also co-authored four novels for young adults in recent years, most of which are centered around horse racing.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Bloomberg is a noted philanthropist, serving on the boards of many charities.

Oh, and did I mention that the 32 year old is very, very rich and very, very attractive? Because she is.


#1: Amanda Hearst

Amanda Randolph Hearst is the granddaughter of famed media tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and the primary heiress to the Hearst Corporation, a $9 billion/year mass media empire. But like the other ladies here, Amanda has done her best to make a name for herself outside of her family’s wealth as well.

This 31-year old beauty used to be a fashion model, and has graced the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue, but these days, she’s better known for her role as an editor at Marie Claire magazine, and for her extensive charitable works.

Hearst serves as a co-chairwoman for Riverkeeper – a clean water initiative for the Hudson River and its tributaries in New York – but her more impressive accomplishment is the non-profit she founded, Friends of Finn. This charity is centered on shutting down “puppy mills” and stopping the inhumane treatment of dogs.

Amanda Hearst gets the #1 spot on our list for being stunningly gorgeous, incredibly wealthy, and very philanthropic.

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