10 Obscenely Expensive Children’s Gifts

By on January 22, 2015

#9: Asprey of London’s Gold Game Boy – $30,000

In 2006, the timeless Nintendo Game Boy got a major renovation from the London-based jewelers at Asprey.

Instead of touching up the gameboy with a sweet case or magnifying screen – probably the only upgrades most of us have seen – Asprey turned a Game Boy into a $30,000 piece of art.

This Game Boy features 18-karat gold plating on the Game Boy’s surface, a screen lined with hundreds of diamonds, and buttons made from jewels.

Just think how much cooler the Pokemon “Gold Edition” would have been on your spiffy solid-gold Game Boy.


#8: Posh Tots’ New England Lodge Playhouse – $54,000

Most kids are perfectly happy with a snow fort, a shoddily-constructed treehouse, or a one-room, dilapidated shed as the headquarters of their secret clubhouse.

However, the kids of billionaires might not have the same taste, and their parents can further reinforce this decadence by buying this $54,000 scale-model of a New England-style home!

With “countless interior and exterior options,” you might just be able to turn this children’s playhouse into something the size of the average American home.

The playhouses can come equipped with running water, cable, a central air system, wifi, and all sorts of ridiculous add ons that your little tykes most certainly do not need. They also can be outfitted with custom interior design choices, including marble, wood choices, window finishings, and so forth.

For all these amenities while your kids learn to play house, you might as well teach them how to pay rent, too.

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