10 Obscenely Expensive Children’s Gifts

By on January 22, 2015

#5: Steiff’s 125th Anniversary Teddy Bear – $195,000

In the year 2000, the iconic teddy bear turned 125 years old.

Steiff, a German company who was one of the first two to ever produce the teddy bear, decided to celebrate the new millennium and the teddy’s 125th birthday by creating a limited release of 41 incredibly expensive bears.

These exclusive teddies were made out of some of the finest materials on earth; the bear’s nose and mouth are made of solid gold, and the eyes are made out of sapphires and diamonds.

To top it off, the bear’s fur is also lined with gold threads throughout. Because why the hell not?

If you want to really impressive your kids next Christmas, one of these rare teddy bears can be yours for $195,000.


#4: “Titiana’s Palace” Doll House – $256,500

Every father wants to spoil his little girl. If you’re really looking to impress your daughter, you might as well get her the Titiana’s Palace doll house, a $256,500 masterpiece that took acclaimed British painter Sir Nevile Wilkinson 15 years to complete.

Titiana’s Palace contains 18 rooms and over 3,000 pieces of bite-sized artwork and furniture made out of the finest mahogany.

Titiana’s Palace was actually the idea of Sir Nevile’s daughter Gwendolen, who asked her father to make her a residence for the fairies that she believed to live in the Wilkinson’s garden. Gwendolen thought that the fairies lived in tiny underground holes outside, and that they deserved a proper mansion instead. I’m guessing she was old enough that she didn’t believe in fairies after the 15 years it took Sir Nevile to construct this opulent, miniature palace.

The tiny pieces of artwork and trinkets in the house include some of the most valuable tiny treasures in the world. Gwendolen might have waited 15 long years for the embodiment of her childhood dreams, but for a quarter-million dollars you might be able to give your daughter this treasure, which currently resides in Egeskov Castle in Denmark.

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