10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings of All Time

By on February 3, 2015

#7: Vanessa Bryant ($4 million)

Okay, so this doesn’t technically count as an engagement ring, but the $4 million ring Kobe Bryant bought for his wife during a particularly…trying…period in 2003 replaced the basketball star’s wife’s original engagement ring.

Why did Kobe upgrade Vanessa’s ring? Well you might have heard that he got charged with rape. While he denied the rape, Kobe admitted that he did have sex with the woman in question, which was probably not a whole lot better as far as Vanessa was concerned.

The “apology ring” was his way of showing Vanessa that he still loved her, and it also gave her a $4 million reason to stay in the marriage during the inevitable media frenzy that would surround Kobe during the rape investigation and trial.

Vanessa’s ring features one rare, 8-carat purple diamond, set in platinum and gold. The ring apparently was an adequate apology, as Vanessa stayed with Kobe Bryant through the rape trial, cheating, and even a divorce filing in 2011, which was ultimately called off.

Diamonds apparently are a girl’s best friend after all.


#6: Grace Kelly ($4.06 million)

via Sabion

via Sabion

Grace Kelly was a famous American actress in early Hollywood, but instead of marrying another movie star, she decided to upgrade a little bit, marrying Prince Rainer III of Monaco.

Royalty can generally afford even nicer things than entertainers, after all, and Prince Rainer III made sure to prove that point when getting Kelly an engagement ring.

Kelly’s decision to marry the Prince not only made her the Princess of Monaco, but it got her a pretty sweet engagement ring too.

Kelly’s ring featured 10.47 carats of diamonds, including a huge, 10-carat emerald-cut diamond as the ring’s gorgeous centerpiece. The huge rock was also flanked by two smaller baguette diamonds along the sides.

This ring, which was truly fit for a Princess, seemed to be a worthwhile purchase, as Kelly remained with her royal husband until her death.

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