10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings of All Time

By on February 3, 2015

#5: Jennifer Lopez ($4.1 million)

Jennifer Lopez was the envy of women everywhere when she received this opulent, $4.1 million engagement ring from fellow musical artist Marc Anthony in 2003.

J.Lo’s engagement ring featured 8.5 carats of diamonds, hand-mounted by Hollywood’s favorite jeweler, Neill Lane.

The enormous 8-carat blue diamond centerpiece is considered one of the nicest celebrity jewels anyone owns, and has been rated as one of the most pure diamonds in existence.

Unfortunately, the $4.1 million ended up being a bad investment for Anthony, as the couple finalized their divorce in 2014.

Anthony has since remarried, and while there is no official word on how much he paid for new wife Shannon de Lima’s engagement ring, it seems to be another pretty enormous stone.

Hopefully it works out better for him this time.

via MSN

via MSN


#4: Paris Hilton ($4.7 million)

This $4.7 million engagement ring, given to Paris Hilton by Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005, is certainly the most regrettable purchase on this list, as the whole “Paris and Paris” dynamic didn’t work out for too long, even with reality shows being planned and the couple’s faces being plastered on every tabloid in the world.

Latsis proposed to Hilton in May of 2005 with this exorbitant ring, which featured 25 carats of diamonds, set in a ring made of pure 24-karat gold.

The ring’s centerpiece was an enormous rectangular-cut diamond, flanked by two large baguette-cut diamonds.

Unfortunately for Mr. Latsis, this engagement lasted only 4 months, and did not result in marriage. I imagine he probably had a little bit of buyer’s remorse.

But after all, why would you ever want to marry Paris Hilton in the first place? Latsis kinda got what he deserved.

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