10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings of All Time

By on February 3, 2015

#1: Elizabeth Taylor ($8.8 million)

Elizabeth Taylor was married an incredible SEVEN times, but none of her husbands ever spoiled her the way the late Richard Burton did.

In fact, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got married twice, the second time just a few years after they got divorced in their first marriage. But the engagement ring of consequence here is the one that Burton gave to Taylor before their first marriage.

When the two Hollywood superstars got engaged in 1964, Burton held nothing back in spending an inflation-adjusted $8.8 million for an engagement ring for Taylor.

This ring featured a 33.19 carat centerpiece diamond, rated 11a – the highest purity rating a diamond can receive. Needless to say, this diamond glistens like few others in the world, and is one of the most treasured stones on earth.

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