Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Body Parts

By on April 16, 2015

These days, you can get insurance policies on just about anything. If you’re rich enough and have the desire to do so, you can even get parts of your body insured. And many celebrities and star athletes, especially those known for particular physical attributes, have started to do just that.

From boobs and legs to hair and teeth, celebrities have been known to shell out big bucks to be covered in the event that their prized, signature traits become damaged or diminished via some unforeseen circumstances.

While some of these policies are perfectly reasonable, some celebrities have shelled out millions of dollars to insure their favorite body parts. In this list, we will take a look at 5 celebrity body parts that are more “valuable” than all the rest – at least in terms of their insurance policies.

Here are the 5 most expensive insured celebrity body parts!

#5: Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal Chords – $6 million

Okay, well at least this one is pretty practical, even if it’s for a huge sum of money. While “The Boss” doesn’t exactly have a sweet, sultry voice of an angel, Bruce Springsteen’s gruff singing is perhaps his biggest, most-recognizable attribute. He can attribute¬†this signature sound to his good ol’ vocal chords…which he has insured for $6 million.

Springsteen has already made an enormous amount of money throughout his long and decorated recording career, but if, for whatever reason, his vocal chords became damaged and he found himself unable to sing, he could at least take solace in a $6 million payday from his insurance policy.

This insurance policy makes a lot more sense that the next few on this list, since Springsteen losing his voice could certainly amount to losing several million dollars in income. Let’s all hope The Boss keeps singing strong, though.

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