Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Body Parts

By on April 16, 2015

#4: Julia Roberts’ Smile – $30 million

The actress who starred in Mona Lisa Smile might not have a smile as valuable as the actual Mona Lisa (the painting is estimated to be worth close to $800 million), but Julia Roberts’ smile isn’t as far off as you’d think. Roberts’ pearly whites are apparently insured for a cool $30 million.

While Bruce Springsteen’s voice directly impacts his recording career, it seems to be a little more of a stretch to claim that Julia Roberts’ teeth are directly linked to her acting successes – but apparently she thinks they’re a very integral part of her image.

If we were discussing which Hollywood actresses had the most incredible smiles, I don’t think Julia Roberts would be in my top five. However, if you’re discussing which Hollywood actresses have the most expensive smiles, Julia Roberts’ $30 million teeth take the cake…and eat it too.

via Zimbio

via Zimbio


#3: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legs – $144 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is, by many standards, one of the greatest soccer players to ever take to the pitch. At only 30 years old, Ronaldo is already one of the sport’s all-time greats, and he probably has several more years of excellence in him.

As you might expect, however, Cristiano Ronaldo would not be a very good soccer player if anything were to happen to his legs – so he insured them for $144 million. Like Springsteen’s vocal chords, at least this insurance policy protects something that is absolutely necessary for Ronaldo to perform well in his career.

The $144 million policy is even less insane when you think about how much money players in the La Liga (Spain’s elite professional soccer league) make in general – especially those of Ronaldo’s caliber. Ronaldo currently makes about $20 million per year, so if he were to suffer a career-ending leg injury, he would be compensated the salary of about 7 seasons. Not completely ridiculous.

But still, it must be nice to be able to play a little more aggressively knowing that your legs are valued at $144 million if anything goes wrong.

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