Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Body Parts

By on April 16, 2015

#2: Jennifer Lopez’s Butt – $300 million

Jennifer Lopez may be 45 years old as of this writing, but that hasn’t hurt the Latina singer and actress’s reputation for having one of the nicest behinds in the world. J-Lo has always been known for her perfect booty, and it is truly her most recognizable, um…ass-et.

In fact, people are such big fans of Jennifer Lopez’s butt, and she is so proud of it, that the singer decided to get her posterior insured for the reasonable sum of $300 million.

Now, I get that the booty might be J-Lo’s most treasured feature, but I don’t think it’s the sole reason for her success, which is what a cost like that implies. And what might be more concerning is thinking about exactly what sort of horrific trauma would have to befall J-Lo’s behind for her insurance policy to kick in? Let’s hope we never find out.


#1: Mariah Carey’s Legs – $1 billion

When it comes to having the most expensive insured body part of all time, Mariah Carey really has her legs up on the competition.

Like Lopez, Mariah Carey is also 45 years old, but her age hasn’t stopped her from continuing to be praised for having the nicest legs in the entire world. The songstress has such nice legs, in fact, that they are insured for an absolutely insane $1 billion. In case you were unaware, that’s obviously a far greater amount than Mariah Carey’s net worth.

Nonetheless, the facts are the facts. Mariah Carey’s seductive, toned, long luscious legs are valued at one billion dollars. That absolutely absurd total makes the singers legs the most valuable body part in the entire world.

And that must be a strange distinction to have.

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