5 Most Expensive Movies Ever Produced

By on May 4, 2015

#4: John Carter (2012) – $263.7 million

With a budget of $263.7 million and a box office return of “only’ $284.1 million, Disney’s John Carter is the only movie on this list that could be anything close to a flop.

The 2012 sci-fi/fantasy thriller was an ambitious idea by Disney – starring the lesser-known Taylor Kitsch, instead of an actor with a household name, in a $263.7 million film. The results were disappointing for Disney; so much so that the company blamed a $160 million profit-to-loss swing from their film studios in the second fiscal quarter of 2012 squarely on the shoulders of John Carter.

In addition to the insane budget for the film, Disney spent approximately another $100 million on marketing the movie, making John Carter an overall disaster that cost the company big. In fact, the failure of John Carter has allegedly led to major changes in Disney moviemaking going forward – they will not spend so much money on film’s that don’t feature big-time names in the lead roles. Disney also canceled the two sequels that were to follow John Carter. In Disney’s eyes, the 4th most expensive film ever was not money well-spent.


#3: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – $279.9 million

Okay, spoiler alert: ALL of the movies on this list were produced by Disney. The company has some serious cash to spend. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is currently in theaters, and was only released in the United States on May 1st. However, with a budget of $279.9 million, Age of Ultron has already grossed a whopping $630 million worldwide, making it a huge success even if box office numbers decline in the United States.

The latest installment in the wildly popular Avengers series, Age of Ultron looks to be the most financially successful Marvel superhero film yet, as the movie’s opening weekend represented the 4th-largest figure of all time. When all is said and done, Age of Ultron will probably go down as one of the highest-grossing films ever made.

Regardless of how much the movie ends up making, it already can claim one title – the 3rd most expensive film to ever produce.

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