5 of the Most Expensive Elective Plastic Surgeries

By on April 22, 2015

#2: Facelift – $6,556

Another one of the most common plastic surgeries around, facelifts do not come cheap, with an average price of over six-and-a-half thousand dollars.

The frequency of facelift surgeries continues to grow by a few percentage points annually, as over 140,000 Americans received facelifts in 2014. Of course, this plastic surgery is intended to reduce facial wrinkles and sagging, double chins, and creases caused by aging, and as such, is a favorite surgery of middle-aged people who want to look younger.

There’s a reason movies and television shows generally stereotype facelift recipients as being vain, wealthy women – the surgery is pretty damn expensive. However, facelifts are more popular than ever, and the price doesn’t seem to scare away too many people.


#1: Body Lift – $9,000

The most expensive elective plastic surgery, on average, is what is referred to as a “body lift.” This procedure is implemented in cases where liposuction will not work – that is, cases in which skin has lost so much elasticity that it will not be able to conform to a new shape.

A body lift works by removing excess fat and sagging skin, and getting rid of as much cellulite as possible, then “lifting” what’s left up to imitate new elasticity of the skin. This is a long process, and the $9,000 figure quoted here is more of a minimum than an average for a body lift – the price of this surgery can easily run over $20,000.

For many people with unsightly fat and sagging skin, a body lift might be their last hope at looking attractive ever again, but this vanity does n0t come cheap – a body lift is, on average, the most expensive plastic surgery in the world.

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