The 10 Most Expensive Travel Destinations

By on April 20, 2015

#9: Cancun, Mexico

One of the most famous tropical getaways for college-aged Spring Breakers and families alike, Cancun, Mexico is a gorgeous place to take a beach vacation. However, with its pristine beaches, plethora of luxury resorts, and worldwide fame, Cancun charges its visitors a premium to stay in one of the world’s finest tropical nirvanas.

While at some Cancun resorts you can take advantage of all-inclusive deals and save some money, these prepaid vacations can still make many of the world’s other beach resorts seem very affordable. Unlike many cheaper Spring Break getaways, Cancun’s nightlife is not ideal for a college budget – although many students go for it anyway.

Pretty much all of Cancun is comprised of resorts and attractions designed solely for foreign visitors, so finding cheap, local amenities and accommodations can be a difficult process. Nonetheless, visitors pour into Cancun year after year for a taste of the Spring Break experience.


#8: Copenhagen, Denmark

via CNN

via CNN

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has a reputation for being one of the world’s most beautiful cities – and one of the world’s most expensive.

Copenhagen is renowned for its culture; it boasts a multitude of Michelin-rated restaurants and luxurious nightclubs that attract visitors from all over the world. The city’s waterfront vistas are amongst the most gorgeous you can find anywhere, and there is no dearth of historical intrigue.

Copenhagen also features plenty of pedestrian malls which allow for world-class shopping, and the hotels will quickly run into the several-hundred-dollar a night range for the nicer options in the city. Copenhagen is definitely one of the cities you should add to your bucket list, but make sure you have a little extra cash handy if you’re planning a trip to Denmark.

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