10 of the Most Expensive Birthday Parties Ever Thrown

By on January 23, 2015

Birthday parties are all about celebrating the person who is turning another year older in style.

Most of us feel special on our birthdays when we’re surrounded by our family and friends, and it’s a bonus if we get some gifts that we wanted.

For the richest members of society, this is not enough. Their birthday parties are opportunities to wow their guests with their affluence.

Here are 10 of the most expensive birthday parties ever thrown.

These parties make going to the bars with your buddies for a few drinks on your birthday look pretty lame.

#10: Lindsay Lohan’s 20th – $100,000

Lindsay Lohan has a well-deserved reputation for partying, as her nasty drug habits have landed her in rehab and in legal trouble repeatedly.

But back in 2006, when the actress turned 20, she was still known as a relatively harmless American starlet.

Lindsay didn’t even drop $100k on her 20th birthday bash herself; Life & Style magazine paid for the event, so that they could have front-row seats to take photos of the Mean Girls star partying with her A-lister friends, including Nicole Ritchie and Eva Mendes, amongst others.

Highlights of the party, which took place in Malibu, CA, included a cake with Lindsay’s picture emblazoned on it, and dinner provided by celebrity chef Kerry Simon.

Little did Life & Style know that they were contributing to the downfall of Miss Lohan, and encouraging her dangerous, partying lifestyle.

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