5 Most Expensive Treehouses

By on February 3, 2015

#4: The MirrorCube – $378,300

The MirrorCube treehouse is probably the most unique, interesting treehouse in existence. The Treehotel, located in Northern Sweden, was the first to feature “MirrorCubes,” as the hotel has several of the reflective treehouses as part of the hotel’s setup.

Due to the incredible attention that these innovative treehouses have garnered, the hotel’s architects have begun comissioning MirrorCube treehouses for individuals who want one of these incredibly cool treehouses on their own properties.

The MirrorCube is made of lightweight aluminum and mirrors, reflecting the surroundings off of the exterior, and making the MirrorCube camouflage into its surroundings, becoming essentially invisible to the naked eye.

The best part of the MirrorCube, though, is that these mirrors are two-way mirrors – nobody can see in, but you can see out.

Because of the heavy usage of this glass, the MirrorCube gives you 360-degree views of the treetops around you. You can even admire your canopy surroundings in the nude, knowing that nobody can see you taking in the view.


#3: Everybody’s Treehouse – $450,000

This treehouse, located in Mount Airy Forest park in Cincinnati, was built by experienced treehouse designer Bill Allen.

Instead of being a private dwelling, like most of the treehouses on this list, Everybody’s Treehouse was purchased for the purpose of letting children play – even children who have handicaps and are in wheelchairs.

This treehouse was created out of charitable ideals, and is intended for everyone, much as the name suggests, and can accommodate many people who would otherwise never have the experience of being inside of a legitimate treehouse.

Allen designed this treehouse with a long ramp that’s wheelchair-accessible, so that even those who cannot walk can enjoy the unique experience of being up in the trees.

After all, what child doesn’t want the experience of playing in a treehouse?

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