5 Ridiculously Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2015

By on February 2, 2015

#2: Fendi 24-Carat Gold Python Bag ($36,000)

Purses are an obvious gift choice for any man to give to his wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day – women love purses and if you get your sweetheart a memorable bag, you’ll score major points.

So, don’t be boring and get here a Marc Jacobs purse like her best friend has this year. Instead, get the girl in your life this $36,000, gold-plated bag from Fendi! I’m pretty confident in saying that she’ll appreciate the gesture.

The Fendi 24-Carat Gold Python Bag is made of python skin (yes, the snake), and then dipped in 24-karat gold, creating a purse that not every lady at your local Starbucks will be carrying.

Only 20 of these bags have ever been produced, so they’re pretty hard to find on any woman’s arm in general.

That will serve to make your significant other feel all the more special!


#1: Bovet Fleurier Tribute to Love Watch ($49,500)

via Forbes

via Forbes

Some of the finest Valentine’s Day gifts are those items that were created exclusively for Valentine’s Day, such as the “Tribute to Love” watch from famed Swiss watchmakers Bovet Fleurier.

The Tribute to Love is a brand new wristwatch that Bovet Fleurier designed specifically for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Any woman really wanting to impress her boyfriend or husband could probably make him swear to be hers forever with this $50,000 masterpiece.

Bovet Fleurier’s Tribute to Love Watch has two dials, one made of chocolate brown guilloche and the other with ruby red. The watch is also set in 18-karat yellow or white gold, depending on your man’s taste.

If your beau is not a wristwatch kind of man, the Tribute to Love can also be used as a pocket watch, and even a table clock. Talk about versatility.

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