5 Incredible Home Movie Theaters

By on February 20, 2015

Movie theaters have come a long way throughout their history, from screening single-frame, black and white, silent movies, to today’s cinemas that feature 3D technology, High-Definition, and massive screens that immerse you in the film you are watching.

However, much cooler than going to your local movie theater is owning your own theater, where you can watch films in cinema quality while in the comfort of your own home.

Many of us would love to have a screen large enough to be considered anything close to a theater-style experience, but for the mega-rich and the mega-dedicated fanboys and fangirls of the world, a regular home theater just doesn’t cut it.

Check out these 5 home theaters which were inspired by everything from TV shows and movies to an insatiable appetite for audio and video.

#5: Star Trek: The Next Generation Movie Theater

If you’re big into geek culture, there is probably no movie theater in the world that excites you more than this Star Trek: The Next Generation home theater, which won first place at the  Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) exposition in 2007.

This theater follows Star Trek specifications to the letter, adding all sorts of unnecessary features to make the experience as close to riding on the Enterprise as one can possibly get.

The Star Trek theater was built with the intention of resembling the Enterprise – the “home” ship for Star Trek’s protagonists – as closely as possible, and the designers spared no details in making this theater space-worthy. The theater features motion activated, air-lock doors, an alert button producing an alarm and red LED lighting, and many other nerdy features that would entertain Star Trek fans endlessly.

As for the actual movie-playing part of the theater, which might be kinda important, the Kaleidascape storage system can hold 3,816 DVDs, and the screen plays Hi-def 1080p quality. Not too bad at all.

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