5 Most Incredible Churches in the World

By on March 5, 2015

Whether you are religious or not, you can probably agree that churches are often some of the most architecturally brilliant structures that the world has to offer.

From famous churches that have stood for centuries, to new, modernist churches with ambitious designs, there’s just something about religious buildings that inspires architects to push the envelope as far as possible.

While you’re certainly familiar with iconic churches such as St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City and Notre Dame in Paris, the world is full of many other gorgeous churches that you are probably not so well-acquainted with.

Here are five of the most beautiful, incredible churches from around the world. If you ever find yourself traveling near any of these spectacular structures, you should make a point to stop by and pay your respects – to God, the architecture, or both.

#5: Las Lajas Sanctuary – Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary, located in Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia, is one of the most naturally beautiful churches in the world.

Spanning a canyon of the Guáitara River, this church takes advantage of the incredible scenery to create a truly stunning work of architecture. Las Lajas sits amidst the lush foliage of the Colombian rainforest, rising 330 feet from the bottom of the canyon, where the Guáitara River flows.

The church connects to the other side of the canyon via a 160-foot tall bridge, allowing visitors to approach the building from both sides of the canyon.

The Las Lajas church was built in this location due to a local myth that relates how the Virgin Mary appeared to a deaf-mute girl and her mother in the location during a lightning storm, apparently leaving a mark emblazoned on the canyon rock that can still be seen today.

Even if you have no interest in checking out the scorched earth from this alleged encounter with the divine, it is worth going to Las Lajas simply to take it the stunning, majestic beauty of this church and its surroundings.

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