Most Expensive Places to have Dinner

By on February 4, 2015

#2: Urasawa (Beverly Hills, CA, USA)

For the first time, we come to the United States, where sushi restaurant Urasawa in Beverly Hills has developed quite a reputation for delectable food, an exquisite setting, and yes, an incredibly expensive menu.

This ultra-exclusive restaurant allows only 10 patrons per evening for dinner, and features a rotating, 30-course, “omakase” tasting menu – which is a fancy way of saying that world-famous sushi chef Hiroyuki Urasawa gets to pick what you eat on any given evening.

Hiroyuki Urasawa studied under famous sushi chefs at New York City’s universally-acclaimed Masa sushi restaurant, and has perfectly honed his craft through owning and operating his nominal restaurant in California.

Urasawa regularly caters to some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, and is not an easy place to get a reservation.

But if you do get a reservation to try the finest sushi the world has to offer, served in 30 small tastes, you have to be prepared to spend $1,111 per person for the experience.


#1: Sublimotion (Ibiza, Spain)

Ibiza, an island off the Coast of Spain, is a well known place for celebrities and billionaires alike to come to play, party, and get away from real life for a little bit. Ibiza is also the home to the most unique and expensive restaurant in the world: Sublimotion.

Located in the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa, Ibiza, Sublimotion allows only 12 guests at a time, and treats them to a truly exquisite, one-of-a-kind experience.

While the food at Sublimotion allows it to be a 3-star Michelin-rated restaurant, this restaurant is every bit as much about the ambiance and experience.

Sublimotion gives its patrons a full-sensory experience, as the dinner comes with a changing light show, backgrounds, and even different temperatures and humidity, adjusted to match the backdrop of the moment.

The dinner is comprised of a 20-course, “gastrosensory” meal, with the explicit intent of “eliciting an emotional experience.” If you’d like to let your emotions awaken over dinner at Sublimotion, you’ll have to pay $2,000 per person just to get started.

Such is the price of dining in the world’s finest restaurant.

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