5 Most Expensive Bottles of Water

By on February 10, 2015

Water is something that most of us don’t think of when it comes to luxury. Unless you live in a poverty-stricken country, water is pretty much ubiquitous – we don’t think twice about where we can get a drink of water.

Water is something that you can get through the faucets in your home or from a drinking fountain at a public place, making it a commodity that most of us take for granted. And accordingly, most of us do not feel the need to pay for bottled water, save the occasional Perrier.

However, if you’re a bottled water purist, you can easily spend more on a bottle of water than a bottle of fine wine. Actually, believe it or not, you can also spend more on a bottle of water than the price of a new Lexus.

Here are the 5 most expensive bottles of water on the planet.

#5: Veen – $23 for 750 ml

Finnish company Veen makes some pretty expensive water, in both sparkling and still varieties. A bottle of Veen will cost you $23 for a 750, making it more expensive than many bottles of wine you’d find at your local liquor store.

Veen claims to have some of the purest, freshest water on the planet, which allegedly justifies their rather steep price tag.

Veen is sourced from Konisaajo spring area in Northern Finland, a sparsely populated area where mountain snow runoff winds its way through hills and sandy terrain.

These $23 bottles of water all contain natural minerals, and come from the completely flat “Smooth” variety, to the intensely bubbly “Bold” variety.

Veen is used in many high-end restaurants around the world and is the official water of England’s Harrod’s department stores.

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