The 5 Most Expensive Buildings Ever Constructed

By on February 27, 2015

While we’ve already shown you plenty of ultra-expensive homes, but none of these private residences can stack up to the most expensive buildings of all time, which have the financial backing of far more than just a private person.

The five buildings on this list all have construction costs that soar well into the billions of dollars, and with the price of inflation ever-increasing, the insane cost of these structures only continues to go up with every year.

Here are the five most buildings to ever be built, inflated to present-day dollar values. It will take a massive project to surpass any of these five structures.

#5: Australian Parliament, Canberra, AU ($4.21 Billion)

When constructed in 1981, Australia’s gorgeous Parliament Building cost $1.1 billion, making it the world’s most expensive building at the time. However, even 24 years later, this gorgeous government building still makes the top five, with an inflation-adjusted cost of $4.2 billion.

This enormous building houses Australia’s governing body, and was built on top of Capital Hill in Canberra. The enormous facade is one of the most distinctive features, what with its boomerang-inspired design.

The Australian Parliament building also features all sorts of valuable marble and wood finishes, helping to run the construction cost even higher. In addition to the cost of construction, the Parliament Building also houses several expensive and famous tapestries, and an enormous collection of valuable paintings, making the building an incredibly valuable landmark.

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