10 Obscenely Expensive Children’s Gifts

By on January 22, 2015

When we think about the incredibly rich, we generally think of the more “adult” items they can afford – mansions, yachts, and so forth.

However, we rarely reflect on what a life of decadence and affluence means for the children of the world’s billionaires.

Needless to say, the world’s richest people have also been known to spend enormous amounts of money on their children.

The ten items on this list reflect some of the most expensive children’s gifts known to man.

Save up some cash for fifty-plus years, and maybe you can afford some of these items for your great-grandchildren.

#10 –¬†Personalized Pacifiers’ Diamond Pacifier – $17,000

Babies don’t have a clue as to the value of anything. They are blank slates. They cannot reason, they cannot compare things, and they cannot appreciate luxuries. Babies are pretty content with just the necessities. So why would anyone ever get their infant a $17,000 pacifier?

Well, because it’s trendy, and because they can. Duh. According to Personalized Pacifiers, these insanely expensive pacifiers are “What everyone in Hollywood talks about.”

I think a better slogan might be “If you want to spend as much as a car on an item that will constantly be covered in saliva and dirt, buy one of our pacifiers today!”

The pacifiers come with 278 diamonds set in solid white gold, with extra Swarovski crystal elements for good measure.

Just cause it’s beyond ridiculous doesn’t mean that these pacifiers haven’t sold – Jennifer Lopez is among several celebrities who have purchased the Bugatti of binkies.

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