The 10 Most Expensive College Degrees in America

By on April 7, 2015

#1: Sarah Lawrence College – $262,000 for a 4-Year Degree

The most expensive college degree in America comes from completing 4 years at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York. Undergraduates have reported average costs of $65,500 annually during their time at Sarah Lawrence, making it the most expensive school in the country.

Ranked #59 in the U.S. News rankings for liberal arts colleges, Sarah Lawrence is a good school, but not in the absolute highest tier of liberal arts schools. However, Sarah Lawrence College provides an intimate, quality education, with only 1,400 undergrads and a gorgeous private campus.

If you’re planning on going to Sarah Lawrence, though, you’d better be prepared to spend more than you would to attend any other college in America.

So there you have it – the most expensive degrees you can earn at 4-year, undergraduate colleges and universities.

While many of these schools provide an education that will give you great earning potential for the rest of your life, at all 10 of these schools, the initial costs will be very, very steep.

College is an expensive investment for all families, and the cost seems to be going up all the time. But these 10 colleges stand alone as the most expensive places that young adults can possibly choose to attend in America.

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