Most Expensive Cruise Ships Ever Built

By on March 10, 2015

While we’ve already covered the most incredibly nice yachts in the world here at Luxury and Envy, most of those gorgeous ships can hardly hold a candle to the level of decadence that you can find in some of the world’s nicest cruise ships – even if yachts tend to be a little bit more exclusive.

With costs in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars, these luxury cruise liners are designed to give travelers an incredible experience on the open seas. Featuring decadent cabins and every amenity you could ever need, these ships are veritable cities on the sea.

If you’re looking to get a taste of the high life, taking a vacation on one of these cruise ships is a much more realistic option than getting the invite to travel on a billionaire’s yacht. You can book cruises on all of these vessels if you’d like to roam the decks of an obscenely expensive ship on your next family vacation.

For now, however, you can just take a look at the five most expensive cruise ships ever produced.

#5: Disney Dream – $900 Million

Disney is well-known for their magical cruises, which serve to delight both children and adults alike, with plenty of entertainment for all audiences. This cruise ship was the third vessel added to Disney’s fleet, and first set sail in 2011.

These days, the Disney Dream embarks upon¬†3 and 4 day trips around the Bahamas, taking visitors to Disney’s privately-owned island on the way.

The Dream is an enormous ship, reaching 1,115 feet in length and featuring 14 towering decks. The ship can accommodate 4,000 passengers at any given time, in addition to the 1,458 crew members on board during the cruises.

Unique features on the Disney Dream include the world’s first on-board water coaster, and an early 20th century design, which hearkens back to the golden age of luxury sailing. The Dream features something for everyone, from play areas for children, to lounges and nightclubs for adults.

With the popularity of Disney’s cruises, it’s likely that they’ve already recouped the $900 million that was required to build the Dream.

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