5 of the Most Expensive Elective Plastic Surgeries

By on April 22, 2015

Most of us try to avoid the hospital as much as possible. Going under the knife and having surgery is one of the least appealing things many of us can imagine, and we would only subject ourselves to such an unpleasant thing if our lives depended on it.

However, it seems like ever year more and more Americans are choosing to go under the knife for the sake of vanity. Plastic surgery is more popular than ever, with an estimated $11 billion being spent on plastic surgery last year in the United States.

Of course, that number takes into account mild plastic surgery procedures like Botox, but many plastic surgeries are far more expensive and difficult than a simple injection to the forehead. Some plastic surgeries will have you running up an enormous hospital bill in a hurry, all for the sake of vanity and attractiveness.

Here are the five most expensive elective plastic surgeries in the world today, ranked by their average cost in the United States.

#5: Hair Transplant – $5,136

One of the most common plastic surgeries for men, hair transplants can combat the effects of balding fairly effectively, but at a pretty steep cost.

Hair transplant procedures involve taking a strip of scalp that is still able to grow hair, and then essentially divvying it up into a bunch of tiny pieces all over the scalp so that hair can return to areas where it had ceased to grow.

This procedure can help bald men get their hair back in a way that creams and ointments never could, but it also comes at a cost that is much, much more than picking up a box or two of Rogaine. The average cost of a hair transplant last year was over $5,000.

That is pretty expensive for a feature on your body that serves little practical purpose.

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