10 Most Expensive Purses and Handbags

By on January 28, 2015

#3: Hermes Rose Gold Crocodile/Diamond Birkin and Kelly Bag ($1.9 million)

Also coming in around the price of a Bugatti Veyron is the Hermes Rose Gold Crocodile/Diamond Birkin and Kelly Bag.

This $1.9 million bag is especially ridiculous, as it is too small to hold a pair of sunglasses. But ooooh it’s so pretty!

Produced by acclaimed fashion designer Pierre Hardy, this bag comes in two different versions: the first is comprised of several intertwining chains, which are covered in 11,000 diamonds; the second is covered in a super-boring 1,200 diamonds, but is a rose gold version of Hermes’ famous Kelly bag, which is made with crocodile scales.

I wonder if crocodiles know what great purses they make.

No matter which one of these obscenely expensive options you prefer, if you buy one, you can rest assured that your chapstick will have a very nice form of transportation.


#2: Hermes Chaine d’Ancre ($2.0 million)

via 7gnow

via 7gnow

Hermes and Pierre Hardy also come in at #2 on this list with the most expensive Hermes “bag” ever made…which is REALLY saying something, if you haven’t noticed.

With 1,160 diamonds totaling 33.94 carats, numerous white gold studs, and an absolutely wacky design that took Mr. Hardy over two years to fully conceptualize, the Chaine d’Ancre (which I can only assume means “probably not a functional purse” in French) is one of the most unique and expensive bags ever made.

What makes the Chaine d’Ancre even more expensive and sought-after is the fact that Hermes only produced three of them.

All three were presumably sold to women who wanted to carry a lot of air with them, as the Chaine d’Ancre certainly looks like a sieve, not a purse.

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